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In Business Litigation, Intellectual Property And Bankruptcy For Over 20 Years

At Wawrzyn LLC, attorney Matt Wawrzyn works with businesses of all sizes across a range of industries. He offers a big firm experience at small firm rates.

An Experienced Illinois Business Law Attorney Offering Big Firm Service With Small Firm Attention To Detail And Cost-Effective Rates

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Attorney Matthew Wawrzyn takes an informed approach to business law, bankruptcy and intellectual property law, putting his knowledge and skills to work for his clients. First and foremost, he is a problem solver who appreciates a challenge and enjoys helping clients solve their legal issues. For more than 20 years, attorney Wawrzyn has worked with businesses and individuals from across greater Chicago, breaking down complex laws and statutes while guiding clients through the legal process.

Practice Areas

Intellectual Property

Business Litigation

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Anticipating Outcomes While Resolving Legal Issues

To effectively solve problems, it is necessary to recognize the root causes. However, for the continued success of a business, it is also necessary to consider the possible repercussions of the solution at the end of the legal process. Attorney Wawrzyn understands that every legal action alters the course of a business and/or financial options after bankruptcy. He has the knowledge and experience to advise businesses and individuals about the potential issues, both positive and negative, that may arise after legal issues are resolved. Ensuring the long-term success of clients is at the core of the services provided at Wawrzyn LLC.

A Genuine Desire To Help Clients Achieve Their Goals